Villa Sola Cabiati

Villa Sola Cabiati offers exclusive hospitality to guests in the historic residence of the Dukes of Serbelloni. The Villa, a refined example of Baroque architecture situated on the western shore of Lake Como, was the much-loved summer residence of Duke Gabrio Serbelloni and his family from the second half of the 1700s.

The Suites have been restored with the family’s original furniture, and occupy the ground floor and part of the Villa’s first floor. These comfortable rooms, with accommodations for up to twelve people, are fully equipped with all the modern amenities. In the Villa guests live and breathe history and art.

Its frescoed rooms, ornate stucco work and antique furniture all reflect the exquisite taste of Villa Sola Cabiati’s architect and the noble families who resided there. The tutor for the Gabrio Serbelloni children was Italian poet, Giuseppe Parini and his cultural and artistic influence can be felt in each of the Villa’s splendid rooms.

Lake Como has been the inspiration of poets and writers over the centuries, but its fascination remains unchanged. It offers a vast array of cultural and sports activities as well as many occasions for leisure and relaxation. Our guests may also choose exclusive itineraries from the best the world of art or la dolce vita has to offer.

Physical Address: Via Regina 36 – 22019 Tremezzo (Como), Italy
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