Pivetta Opera Only amplifier

Photo credit: 2luxury2.com

“Opera Only” is a creation of Andrea Pivetta, an Italian Tech-Designer who for more that twenty years has worked with various company leaders in different sectors, from mechanics to electronics, experimenting with innovative design.

In the field of sound, he has created a multi-channel amplifier that amazes. This artifact, based on intuition, imagination, is a genius solution and leaves one speechless. Price tag: US$2.2 million

Apart from the enormous power (160,000 watt max) that is able to develop and the grandeur of its structure, Opera Only is a fantastic and unique crossing between sophisticated technology and art: it is, in fact, the most surprising mix of creativity and technology applied to high-end audio. Style, shape, design and performance to the state of the art!

Web Address: http://www.onlycreative.it/

Physical Address:
Only Creative
Via dell’industria,6
36010 Cogollo del Cengio
Vicenza, ITALY

Contact: pivetta@onlycreative.it | +39 3209721807